Bible chapters Old Testament

Bible chapters Old Testament: The bible, or bible, is a collection of writings that is sacred to christians and judaism. it is divided into old testament, which has historical narratives, and new testament and the literatures are divided into different books. each book deals with a certain topic ranging from origins of the world to ethics to dialogues between god and his people. it is regarded as holy by some religions, such as christianity, islam, and judaism. other religions approve of the bible’s use in promoting morality and obedience to god.

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The Old Testament is the first part of the Christian Bible. It covers the time period from creation to the time of Jesus Christ and his apostles.

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Bible chapters old testament

The Old Testament is divided into three sections: the Pentateuch, history, and wisdom literature. The first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis through Deuteronomy) are known as the Pentateuch. The other books of the Old Testament are divided into two groups: history and wisdom literature.

  1. Genesis: The first book of the Bible tells the story of creation, beginning with God’s division of light from darkness and ending with the story of Noah and the flood.
  2. Exodus: This book tells the story of Moses, who leads his people out of slavery in Egypt and into a new land.
  3. Leviticus: This book contains laws for priests and other religious leaders, as well as instructions for how to build an altar and how to sacrifice animals to God.
  4. Numbers: This book begins with the Israelites wandering in the wilderness after leaving Egypt and ends with them entering Canaan (the Promised Land).
  5. Genesis
  6. Exodus
  7. Leviticus
  8. Numbers
  9. Deuteronomy
  10. Joshua
  11. Judges
  12. Ruth
  13. 1 Samuel
  14. 2 Samuel
  15. 1 Kings (1 Samuel, Kings)
  16. 2 Kings (1 Kings, Kings)









1 Samuel

2 Samuel

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

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