Another Jesus In The Bible

Another Jesus In The Bible: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is one of the most well-known figures in history. He was born in Bethlehem and lived a life of miracles, teaching people about God’s love and mercy. However, some people believe that Jesus was not the only person to have ever lived with that name. There are other people in the Bible who also had that name, but this article will focus on what makes Jesus Christ unique from these other individuals. In this article we will explore who Jesus Christ was, what he did during his life, and how he compares to other men named Jesus in the Bible. We’ll also look at how some scholars believe there were many “false” Christs or false prophets during this time period as well. The story of Jesus is the most popular and widely-accepted narrative in the history of the world. The son of God, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem and lived a life full of miracles, teachings, and death before rising again on the third day. His message of love and forgiveness has been spread throughout all corners of the earth by his followers, who believe that he will return one day to judge humanity and lead them into heaven. However, there are many other Jesuses in history who have also done great things for humanity—and there are many more still being discovered today. In fact, some scholars believe there were as many as eight different Jesuses living during the first century AD alone! But how do we know which ones were real? And why do so many scholars believe that Jesus Christ was not just a man but also an idea? These questions are explored below in this blog post about what we know about Jesus from sources outside the Bible.

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Another Jesus Sermon

Jesus Barabbas In The Bible.

Jesus Barabbas In The Bible.


It’s official, we’ve found a second Jesus in the Bible. The first jesus is the one that Christians have always been talking about and worshipping. The other one, it turns out, was hiding in plain sight for centuries.

Another Jesus?

  • Jesus is not just another name for God.
  • Jesus is not someone else’s god, but he is his own God (Isaiah 43:10-11).
  • Jesus has a different religion than all other religions in the world today (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 Timothy 2:5-6; 1 John 5:20).
  • Jesus was not just one of many prophets we have had throughout time, as he claimed to be the last prophet who will ever speak (Matthew 24:30-31; Revelation 22:18-19, 10:7).

No Other Jesus

There is no other Jesus. The Bible says that there is no other way to God and heaven than through the Son of God, Jesus Christ (John 14:6). If you want eternal life, then you must have faith in Jesus Christ alone as your Savior. When we believe and put our trust in Him alone for salvation, then we are saved from our sins.

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus is a real person who lived on Earth. He was a man, but he was also God. He was born of a virgin and people knew him as the Son of God. He performed miracles and died on the cross for our sins.

If you look at history, it shows that Jesus Christ is the only person who has ever existed in history that claimed to be God’s son and then performed miracles, rose from death after being crucified by Roman soldiers, and ascended into Heaven where he now lives at the right hand of God forevermore! Who else could have done these things? Only Jesus did them!

The Life And Ministry Of Jesus

Jesus’ life and ministry was about the Kingdom of God. He was the Son of God, the Messiah (or “Christ”), and the Savior of the world. At age 30, Jesus started his public ministry that would last only three years until he was crucified. In this time period, he taught people how to live in order to inherit eternal life.

His teachings were recorded by his disciples after his death in what we call “The Gospels.” These four books are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which tell us more about who Jesus is and why we should follow Him as well as His death on a cross at Golgotha hill outside Jerusalem to pay for our sins so that we may be forgiven when we believe upon him alone for salvation from eternal condemnation in hell fire

#1. He Came From God’s Presence To Die For Our Sins

The first thing you need to know about Jesus is that He is God. That’s right, the second person of the Trinity, God the Son. Jesus came to earth and was born as a human being so that He could die for your sins and pay the price for your sin by taking on Himself all of our punishment in hell (Luke 13:3-5). The Bible says that no one can be saved apart from believing in Christ alone (John 14:6). It also says that if you believe in Christ alone as your Savior, then you will receive eternal life with God forever (John 3:16).

#2. He Was A Man Approved By God Through Miracles, Wonders, And Signs

Jesus was a man approved by God, and He performed many miracles, wonders and signs. Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah (which means “anointed one”), and He is also known to many as Savior, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Jesus’ ministry lasted about three years. His miracles were performed in front of witnesses who subsequently testified to them. The Bible contains 43 accounts of Jesus performing miracles (or signs). This proves that Jesus is real!

Paul Preached Another Jesus?

Paul preached another Jesus. Paul preached another gospel. And Paul preached another spirit.

Paul was a Pharisee and a persecutor of the church. When he saw Jesus for who He really is, everything changed for him: “And Saul (Paul) returned from the land of Israel and went to Arabia, and spent some time with the disciples there.” – Acts 9:19-22 After a few years, God called him back to Jerusalem where he began his ministry in earnest (Acts 9:23). This was not your typical conversion story like we see today where someone has an emotional experience on their knees when they give their heart over to God. It was more like a call into ministry, which is actually very similar to how everyone is called into service if you think about it! Just as David became king by being anointed by Samuel, so too did Saul become an apostle by being called by Christ Himself through His Spirit working through the apostles who were already established at that time (Acts 1:13).

What Does It Mean To Preach Another Jesus?

It’s important to note that the word “another” is a qualifier. It means that something is different from its original or intended state, or has been changed in some way. The word “Jesus” is a proper noun, which refers to the name of an individual person (or a group of people). In this case, it refers specifically to Jesus Christ—the son of God and Messiah who came to die for our sins so that we can be forgiven and have eternal life with him in heaven.

The Bible says there is only one Jesus (Matthew 28:19), so if someone preaches another Jesus than what is described in the Bible, they are preaching another gospel—a false message about Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from death; however if you’re preaching something completely different from what’s written in scripture then it isn’t really about Jesus at all!

Another Gospel?

If you’re a Christian, then you’re familiar with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. You know that it’s God’s grace that has saved you from sin and death through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. The gospel is a central component of Christianity—and yet, there are many other books out there that claim to be gospels too. Where do these come from? Why do they differ so much from each other and from what we normally think of as “the” gospel?

Some people claim that these texts were not written by eyewitnesses or scribes who were there during Jesus’ ministry; others insist that they are true accounts; still others believe them to be fakes created by those who wanted to fool people into thinking they were authentic documents containing God’s words and deeds in Scripture (this includes some popular ones such as The Infancy Gospel Of Thomas).

Summary And Takeaway

You now know that the Bible has more than one Jesus. But, do you know how many? The answer is 13!

If you’re a Christian and couldn’t care less about this information, you’ve probably stopped reading long ago. Good for you—it can be hard to understand why so many people are interested in what other people believe. As an atheist, however, I’m happy to explain why this belief system is fascinating: it’s because there are so many different versions of it!

There are many things that make Christianity unique (for example, it’s the only religion whose followers think they have all the answers). But what makes it especially interesting is that each version of Christianity sees itself as the “true” version and others as false or misguided interpretations of its teachings.


From my experience, Christians who don’t know what the Bible says about Jesus are often more willing to listen when they are presented with the truth. I have yet to meet a Christian who was not open-minded and willing to hear what I have to say once they realized that their beliefs were based on misinterpretations of scripture, historical inaccuracies and blatant lies.

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