Agenda for a church meeting

Agenda for a church meeting: It is likely that having scheduled a church business meeting, you will now have to draw up an agenda, which is when you will realize how difficult it is to compile lists of items that people who do not know each other may wish to hear about and to express their points of view about. The following tips for drawing such an agenda can help you in making it easier for the attendees of your meeting:

Agenda for: Project committee meeting Title: Date: Time: Location: Purpose:  To meet, discuss, and make decisions on issues that have been published and are on the table. Details: 1.  Church parking Lot 2.  Trademark and motto 3.  Our new logo 4.  Search engine optimization 5.  New business 6.  End

Meeting Agenda Please note that the Pastor will be addressing a particular topic during this meeting. [Name]  (Patron, Cake Decorator) has donated a cake for us to enjoy throughout the meeting.

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  1. Introductions (if needed)
  2. Ministry updates
  3. Announcements: announcements about people, dates, events, etc.
  4. Financial report: a report on how much money the church has earned and spent during the past month
  5. Reports from committees
  6. Discussion of upcoming events

Opening prayer

  • Be brief. Don’t contain your prayer to the end of the meeting, but don’t go on forever either. The purpose of the prayer is to sow seeds in the hearts of those present so that God’s word will be planted in them and they can bear fruit (Mark 4:14-20). Your prayer should focus on that purpose and not be filled with flattery or excessive words.
  • Be sincere. Make sure you pray from your heart as if you were talking directly to God rather than simply reading a prepared text from your notes or phone.
  • Be specific about what you want God’s people to learn from this meeting and how it will affect their lives or ministry going forward.
  • Thank God for all he has done for us; praise him for his blessings, mercy and grace toward us; confess our sins before him asking forgiveness; pray that his name be glorified among men through our lives – especially those who are attending this meeting! We should always remember that we are nothing without God’s help so our prayers should never cease being thankful ones!

Review of last meeting’s minutes

The minutes of the last meeting should be read aloud. Any corrections to be made should be noted, and then the minutes can be approved by a vote of the members (such as a show of hands).

Treasurer’s report

The treasurer’s report is the final agenda item. It reports on how much money was raised, how much money was spent, and how much money is left over for the church to use.

The amount of money needed in order for the church to meet its budget is also discussed during this meeting.

Reports from various committees

  • Reports from various committees
  • Committee members will give updates on their activities, including how they’re working to make the church a better place for you and your family. Try to pay attention to which committees seem most relevant to you, so that you can get involved in ways that make sense for your life. In addition to the reports of individual committees, there may also be updates from other groups within the church (e.g., Sunday school teachers).

Old business

Old business is a section where you can review the items that were discussed at your last meeting, and check whether they have been resolved or not. If an item was not resolved during that meeting, it remains on the table and will be discussed again in this meeting.

If an item was resolved during the previous meeting, then it cannot be added to this agenda as new business (see below).

New business

New business is any topic that is not already on the agenda, and it can be added at any time during the meeting. However, if you plan to bring up new business without giving advance notice, it’s best to do so in a respectful manner so as not to interrupt other people’s thoughts or discussions.

New business should be brought to the attention of the chair before the meeting begins. The chair may then decide whether or not it will be discussed during this particular meeting (or later).

Next meeting

  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Location:

If there is anything else you need to know, please check the church’s website (

Remember to pray and make plans for the next meeting

  • Remember to pray.
  • Remember to make plans for the next meeting.
  • Remember to plan for the next meeting when you’re planning this one.

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