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About Abraham In The Bible Facts: Abraham In The Bible Facts is a great way to learn about Abraham, the father of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. He is considered to be a prophet by Muslims, and is regarded as the first monotheist in the world. Abraham was born in Ur of the Chaldees, an ancient city located in what is now southern Iraq. His story is told in Genesis 11-25. Abraham’s father Terah was a pagan idol maker who worshiped other gods such as Baal and Ashtoreth. God told Abraham to leave his home country and go to Canaan (modern day Israel), where he would become the father of many nations. Abraham married Sarah when she was 90 years old (Genesis 17:17). He also fathered Ishmael with Hagar, one of his servants (Genesis 16:3-4). Ishmael later became the father of 12 tribes of Arabs. God promised that he would make Abraham’s descendants into a great nation through Isaac—Sarah’s son with Abraham (Genesis 17:20).

Abraham died at age 175 years old and was buried in Hebron (Genesis 25:9). Abraham is one of the most famous people in the Bible. He was known for being a prophet and a great example of faith. His story begins when God tells him to leave his home and go to a new land. He had no idea where he was going or what would happen when he got there, but Abraham trusted God and obeyed without hesitation. Abraham’s faith made him one of the most respected prophets in history, but it didn’t come without challenges. He faced many difficulties on his journey toward becoming a powerful leader in his community and beyond. Even though he faced many obstacles along the way, Abraham never gave up hope that God would reward him with blessings like wealth and prosperity as well as peace in his life with Sarah (his wife).

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Abraham in the Bible - 4 Things You May Not Know About Him

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Abraham is one of the most important figures in the Bible. He is considered by many to be the father of Christianity and Islam, which are two major world religions. In this article, we will examine some interesting facts about Abraham in the Bible.

Abraham In The Bible

Abraham was the first person to be called a Jew and the first person to be circumcised.

He was also the father of Isaac, who was born by Sarah when she was 90 years old. Abraham is also one of the many prophets mentioned in Qur’an.

Abraham And Terah

Abraham’s father was Terah, a worshipper of idols. Terah was 125 years old when Abraham was born. He died at age 205, having outlived 11 generations from Noah.

Abraham and his family lived in Ur of the Chaldees, where they worshipped idols (Genesis 12:1-3). The word “Chaldean” means “magician.”

Abraham And Sarah

Sarah was the daughter of Haran, and Abraham was her cousin. They came from the same root.

The Bible says that before God told Abraham to leave his hometown, he asked Sarah to say that she was his sister in order to protect them from the king who wanted them both dead. God told him that their descendants would be like stars in the sky and sands on the seashore (Genesis 15:5-6). When they moved away from their homeland, they were afraid that people would recognize them so they went on different routes through Canaan until they met up again at Beersheba where God told Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed because of wickedness (Genesis 18).

Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away when Sarah gave birth to Isaac (Genesis 21:8). Sarah said that if Ishmael returned home after being weaned then she would become a laughingstock among all women because she had borne an illegitimate son while her husband had so many legitimate sons! So Hagar took Ishmael with her into Egyptian territory where wild beasts attacked them; but an angel saved them both by making a well spring up near where they were sleeping on rocks during midday heat wave temperatures!

Abraham And Hagar

Abraham and Hagar

Abraham and Hagar were the parents of Ishmael, who was born when Abraham was 86 years old (Genesis 16:1-16). This makes him one of the oldest men ever to be recorded in history. According to the Bible, Sarah gave her Egyptian maidservant Hagar to Abraham as a wife because she had no children herself. Hagar bore Abraham a son named Ishmael (Genesis 16:3-15) but Sarah then conceived and bore Isaac, who became heir to all that God gave his father (Genesis 21:1-7). The descendants of Ishmael are referred to as Arabs today.

Abraham Was A Shepherd

Abraham was a shepherd. The Bible describes him as being “a herdsman and he was tending his flocks.” Abraham’s job as a shepherd is an important detail because it helped shape the way he acted toward animals in the future.

Abraham Ate Camel Meat And Camel Milk

Abraham was a shepherd who traveled from his homeland in Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan. He lived in tents with his family and flocks, moving from place to place as they needed new grazing lands for their animals. They also lived in caves when there were no caves available.

Abraham was known for being hospitable and generous, so he often shared his home with people traveling through the area. One of these travelers whom Abraham welcomed into his tent was God Himself—a very special guest indeed! In this way, God revealed Himself personally to Abraham before revealing His greatest plan: creating a people who would one day follow Him through faith and obey His commandments (see Genesis 18).

A few years later, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test of faith (Genesis 22). This story reveals that even though we may never understand why God asks us to do something difficult or painful (such as giving up something we love), it’s important that we trust Him completely—even if our circumstances seem unfair or unreasonable at times!

Abraham Left Prosperity For Faith In God

Abraham was a man who knew that there was more to life than just the physical. He left Ur of Chaldees because he had faith in God, and went to Canaan where he became Abraham—a man of many nations.

Abram became Abraham when God called him out of his home country as a young man. We will look at Abram’s journey from Ur to Canaan, and see how it impacted his descendants.

Abrahma Offered His Son, Isaac As Sacrifice To God – 25 Bible Facts About Abraham

Abraham was willing to kill his son, Isaac.

Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son, Isaac as a sacrifice to God.

God stopped Abraham from killing his son, Isaac.

God provided a ram as sacrifice instead of Isaac.

God blessed Abraham and would bless all nations through him (also known as the father of many nations). Note: God did not promise that these nations would be blessed if they followed in Abraham’s footsteps and sacrificed their children to Him! In fact, later on we see God’s wrath poured out upon several of these nations because they did not follow in His ways (i.e., they did not worship Him or keep His commandments).

God promised that He would multiply Abraham’s descendants (i.e., give him many descendants) beyond counting so that people could be saved from sin through faith in Christ Jesus our Lord (see Romans 4:17-25).

Abrahams Riches Stored In Egypt – 25 Bible Facts About Abraham

Abraham was a very wealthy man, who had herds of cattle, silver and gold. He was so rich that he had to send his son out into the desert with only the clothes on his back, just to have some fun!

Abraham was also buried in a cave with his wife Sarah (Genesis 25:9-10). He died at the age of 175 years old (Genesis 25:7) after living in Canaan for many years (probably over 40 years). He was also well respected by his family because he commanded great respect from everyone around him.

Abraham was a good father to all four of his children: Isaac (who is mentioned several times throughout the Bible), Ishmael (who married Hagar after being banished from the house), Jacob (also known as Israel) and Esau (the brother who sold land rights).

Abraham Was Buried With Sarah In A Cave Purchased By Him

Abraham was buried with his wife Sarah in a cave purchased by him. “And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself of these stone upon this place; and they shall be thine: wherefore lift up thine eyes eastward, and northward, and southward, and westward: for all these lands which thou seest to thee will I give to thee and to thy seed for ever.” (Genesis 23:4-5) The Patriarch bought the cave for 400 shekels of silver from Ephron the Hittite (Genesis 23:16). His son Isaac was later buried there along with Rebekah (Genesis 35:29), followed by Jacob who married Leah and Esau’s two wives Rachel and Bilhah (Genesis 49:30). They were also buried in Hebron where Abraham had been laid to rest after he died at age 175 years old (Genesis 25:7).

10 interesting facts about abraham in the bible, short story of abraham in the bible

While Abraham’s life story is full of interesting tidbits, here are 10 things you might not know about him:

  • Abraham was the son of a pagan named Terah.
  • Abraham married his half-sister Sarah and took her as his wife.
  • Abraham was commanded by God to leave his hometown and travel to Canaan (modern day Israel). He did so reluctantly, because he had become accustomed to living in Ur and did not want to leave it behind.
  • While in Canaan, Abraham became a shepherd for Isaac, who would be born after God promised them both descendants through their lineage.
  • Although he was told by God that he would have many descendants through Isaac, at one point in time it seemed like this promise would never come true: while they were still living in Egypt during famine (when food was scarce), Sarah suggested having Hagar be their concubine/mistress so that they could have children together since she knew that if she remained barren then all hope would be lost forever! However after thinking about this idea some more…


As our discussion about the relationship between Abraham, Isaac and Hagar shows, people often see God in different ways. For example, some Christians think that God is always a loving father who forgives us if we make a mistake. Other Christians think that God can also be angry at times when people do bad things and that God never forgives them for doing bad things. But all Christians agree on one thing: the Bible tells us a lot about what it means to be human because God created us in his image and likeness.

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