A Short Prayer For Students

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Dear God,

I pray for my friends, who have so much to give and so much to learn. I pray that they will find the strength to keep their heads up and their hearts open, even when it seems like no one else is paying attention. I pray that they will never stop believing in themselves, no matter what life throws at them.

I pray for my teachers, who dedicate themselves to helping others learn. I pray that they will be able to continue doing what they love without being distracted by negativity from within or without. I pray that their students will always be grateful for all of the knowledge and wisdom they share with us—and that we can pass on those lessons with love and respect!

I pray for myself too: as a student and as a teacher! That I will always be humble enough to accept criticism and learn from it; brave enough to ask questions and take risks; wise enough not to take myself too seriously; and loving enough to see each person as an individual who deserves respect and consideration regardless of their background or beliefs.

Oh great and mighty God, we come to you today as students and teachers. We ask for your help as we continue to learn and grow. Please give us the wisdom and strength to face the challenges that lie ahead, and may our minds be opened to new ideas.

We thank you for the opportunity to learn and pray that all of us will apply ourselves in a way that will please you. We thank you for those who have paved the way before us and have shown us how it’s done right. We pray that they will continue to help guide us along our paths.

We ask these things through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you forever in perfect love. Amen

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A Short Prayer For Students

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for students everywhere.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for students everywhere. In their classrooms, in college dormitories, in high school cafeterias, and in locker rooms. I pray that they would find comfort in your word and joy in your presence. I pray that they would feel secure knowing you are always with them no matter what happens to them or around them. May they know that they are not just students but also children of God who have been given special gifts by you to serve others. Help them use those gifts wisely so that they will be able to make a difference in this world! In Jesus’ name we pray! Amen

When the lessons are hard to understand, help them to ask questions.

Asking questions is an important part of learning. While you may want to learn something quickly, it’s important to understand the concepts that you’re learning in order to apply them successfully. If you don’t know what a word or concept means, ask your teacher! When we are confused about something, it’s good practice for us to ask questions so that our confusion can be clarified and cleared up.

When asking questions at school, it’s important not only for us as students but also for us as teachers that our questions are assertive and direct (rather than passive). We should make sure our language is clear and straightforward. For example: “Teacher, what does this word mean?” or “Teacher, could you please explain this more clearly?”. This will help ensure that both parties better understand each other and get more out of the experience during classes together!

When their teachers are hard to understand, help them to ask You for wisdom and understanding.

We often forget that teachers are also human, and as such, they can sometimes be hard to understand. This can make learning difficult for students, especially when the material being taught is new and unfamiliar. When this happens, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t understand something you have to ask for help; there’s no shame in it! And remember: asking questions makes you stronger than not asking questions does—this is true of practically anything in life (like making decisions).

When the homework is too hard, please help them to build friendships with other students that respect each other.

Students often find their homework to be too hard. Sometimes they feel like they can’t do it without help. If this happens, please help them build friendships with other students who will respect each other and help each other.

If a student asks for your assistance in solving the problem, please respond by saying “I would be glad to help you solve this problem. Tell me what you think is happening here, and why you think it would be important for us to know or learn about it.” Then talk with them about the topic until they have a solution that makes sense to both of you (and remember: sometimes just having someone else listen can make all the difference).

May they also find wisdom in all of their relationships — with teachers, classmates and others — to keep building healthy connections with others as adults.

May they also find wisdom in all of their relationships — with teachers, classmates and others — to keep building healthy connections with others as adults.

Wisdom is the ability to make good decisions, and it’s something that develops over time. It requires self-reflection and the understanding that we don’t always know what’s best for us. When we choose not to share our true thoughts or feelings with others because we’re afraid of being judged or rejected, we lack wisdom. Wisdom allows people to understand their emotions so they can think more clearly about how those feelings affect behavior (and vice versa).

For example A student who knows she should apply for college early but doesn’t do it until the last minute might regret her decision later on in life if she loses out on certain financial aid opportunities due to lack of planning. Or perhaps a young man chooses not to tell his girlfriend how he feels even though he knows that if she knew what was going through his head, she would probably break up with him anyway — because he doesn’t want her pity or sympathy; he just wants her love! It could be argued then that this decision was ultimately unwise because now both parties have lost out on an opportunity for real happiness together simply because each one feared rejection from one another.”

May they seek you first in all things.

May they seek you first in all things.

As the day begins, you may find yourself wondering how to handle it. If your mind is racing with thoughts of what to do next, pray a prayer like this:

  • Lord God, please help me do my best today. Help me focus on my studies and not get distracted by social media or video games. I need your strength and guidance! Thank you for being with me throughout my day; I know that without your help, I would fail at life. Please help me seek out those who will give good advice and support me as well as those who will encourage me when I need it most! In Jesus’ name we pray—amen.*

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