A Prayer For The Man I Love

A prayer for the man I love is the one that goes beyond the question of why to me. It is not just a simple question but contains everything I am in it. It implies how my life is affected when this man is endowed with some kind of sickness or disease that affects his life in particular or mine in general. Articles on topics like “prayer to make someone love you deeply”, “short prayer for someone you love”, and “prayer for someone special” are also available on our blog.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to pray for the man I love. In this prayer, I will offer my prayers for him and his life, and ask that you also pray for him in whatever way you feel moved.

It is my prayer that he will be a good leader and husband, that he will provide well for his family, and that he will be a blessing to others. I pray that he will find a way to balance his work life with time spent with his family.

I pray that he will be able to keep his faith strong through difficult times and that he will always be there for me when I need him.

Lord, please guide my husband in all things; keep him safe from harm; protect him from those who would do him harm; give us wisdom in our decisions; make us both wise enough to know when we need help; show us how best to serve others; inspire us with creativity and innovation; give us peace of mind so we can sleep soundly at night knowing there are no worries on our minds.”

Dear God,

I pray for the man I love.

I pray that you will guide him to make good choices, that he will be able to find his way through the darkness that he faces.

I pray that he knows your love is always with him and that you are always there to help him.

Help him to find joy in the world and in his life. Help him to understand why you have made him who he is today.

Help him to know how much you love him and how much you care about all of your children.

Dear Lord,

I pray for my man every day. I pray for his health, for his happiness, for his safety and wellbeing. But most of all, I pray that he will always know how much he means to me.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want to be with him forever. That’s why I ask you today: please give me the strength to make sure he knows how much I love him.

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A Prayer For The Man I Love

My lover, you have captured my heart with your sweet love and I am yours forever. I need to love and be loved. I look forward to more years of happiness and joy with you in our relationship. I pray that God blesses our union, heals every hurt in our lives and brings joy into each of our days. I love you with everything that I am and all that I ever hope to be. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and you make me so happy. Please give me your grace so that I can continue to show you how much I love you. Just like magnets stick together so will our hearts be united by love forever!

You are the most loving and caring man that I have ever met. You are so kind and gentle, yet you are also strong and courageous. Your eyes sparkle with love for me when we look at each other, and your smile warms my heart with joy every time I see it.

I am proud of all that you do in our relationship; from taking care of things around the house to making sure that I am happy and healthy every day, I appreciate everything that you do for me. Every moment spent together makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world because every time we spend together is an adventure filled with new discoveries about ourselves, our relationship, or even just life itself!

I am so grateful for all of these experiences because, without them, there would be no growth between us which means there would be no future together either! If only everyone knew how much joy true love brings into their lives… Then maybe they too could find someone who loves them like this one day too!”

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