A Prayer For Someone Who Is Having Surgery

A Prayer For Someone Who Is Having Surgery: Dear God, Please keep an eye on the doctors as they operate on [name]. Please help them accomplish what is best for [name] and her health while they carry out their obligations. We thank You for sending us surgeons who have the training and expertise necessary to carry out this surgery properly and ask that You keep her safe from any harm that may occur during the process. Please let things go well so [name] can return to her favorite activity, spending time with her family and pets.

Dear Lord, Please direct the surgeon’s hands and maintain their stability while they carry out this delicate operation. Help the patient overcome their worries and fears so they can remain composed and resilient. May they trust in your benevolent plan. And may they experience your love enveloping them throughout this difficult time. Amen!

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thoughts and prayers for surgery

O Lord, we pray for [name], who is undergoing surgery. Please comfort and heal him, that he may be restored to health and strength. We pray that you will give him the strength to overcome his pain, and the patience to endure whatever comes next. Help him to find peace in the midst of this trial, and give him the courage he needs to face it with dignity and grace. Give his loved ones strength too; especially those who must remain at his side throughout this process. And grant us all an ability to see your hand in our suffering, so that we might be comforted by your presence in our pain.

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A Prayer For Someone Who Is Having Surgery

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe who has created the universe and all it contains. It is Your will that we should make use of the things You have made for our benefit and for Your honor. We thank You for the life and strength that You have given us until now, and we ask You to continue to watch over our lives. Be with (person’s name) today as she undergoes surgery. Watch over all those involved in this procedure, and please grant that they may work skillfully, carefully, and successfully. Watch over (person’s name) during her recovery and grant her a speedy recovery without pain or complication. May her faith remain strong in You at all times and may this experience strengthen her awareness of Your love for her. Watch over us Lord, and be with us always, Amen

When someone you love is going through surgery, it’s natural to want to do something—anything!—to help them. Prayer can be an especially powerful way to support someone who’s facing a difficult medical procedure because God hears our prayers and responds in ways that are beyond our comprehension.

With this prayer, you can pray specifically for the person having surgery (or the people caring for them) and ask God to watch over them throughout the procedure and during their recovery process. The prayer also includes requests for healing and peace of mind during this trying time, as well as protection from disease or infection. If you know any other Christians who may be interested in praying along with you, don’t hesitate to invite anyone who’d like join in your prayers for (person’s name).

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