A Prayer For A Loved One

A Prayer For A Loved One: It’s easy to think you’re alone when a storm is raging. You aren’t. God is with you, just as he has always been with your loved one. He is currently with them as they struggle for survival in the hospital. He is present with them both when they wake up and when they go to bed. He has been present throughout the entirety of this storm and will remain so until it is over. Therefore, even while prayer may not change the situation, it does transform us, and we can never lose that. We are reminded that God loves and cares for us, and that He is with us at all times.

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prayer for a loved one who passed away

Losing a loved one is a painful thing to go through. The world may seem to be spinning out of control and the future may seem unknown when it occurs. Leaning on your faith and believing that God has a purpose for you is the greatest approach to deal with this kind of loss. For individuals who have lost a loved one, consider the following inspirational prayer: “God, please show me the way through this difficult moment. Give me the fortitude to endure my sorrow and aid me in recalling all the enjoyable times we shared.”

A Prayer of Blessing Over Those You Love - Pray This Daily!

A Prayer For A Loved One

Loving and merciful God,

God is the source of all love, life and being. And because God is loving and merciful, He wants to answer your prayer for your loved one’s health.

We know this because we’ve seen Him do it before! God healed many people in the Bible—including blind eyes, deaf ears and lepers—all because they asked Him to do so through prayer.

This means that if you ask God today for help with your friend’s illness or pain…He will listen!

I pray for the well being of my dearly loved one and your own very special care.

Dear God,

I pray for the well being of my dearly loved one and your own very special care.

Please heal him/her from all illness, physical and mental. Please give him/her strength to overcome all suffering and trials that he/she might encounter in life. Please inspire him/her to seek a remedy for his/her condition if it be treatment or medication, so that he/she may recover from such sicknesses as quickly as possible.

Let them know how much you love them through this prayer. In Jesus’ name I ask these things; Amen!

I pray that you are with my loved one at this time in his/her life.

I pray that you are with my loved one at this time in his/her life.

I know that they feel safe and secure, that they feel cared for and supported, that they feel loved and appreciated, comforted and encouraged. I pray that they know they are capable of making the best decisions for themselves now so they can live the life God has planned for them to live.

I ask that you give me the strength to be with him/her through the challenges that arise in his/her life.

Dear God,

I beg you to give me the fortitude to support him/her through the difficulties that come up in his/her life. I am aware that he or she will face these difficulties, but I also recognize that they are not unique. You brought us together, and I am confident that you can support us in any situation. Give me the confidence and strength to undertake this road with my loved one as their pillar of support and compass for success.

May he/she have the grace to accept your help and the courage to accept himself/herself as he/she is.

  • May he/she have the grace to accept your help and the courage to accept himself/herself as he/she is.
  • This is one of the hardest things in life, but it is also one of the most important. We all need help at times, especially when we are suffering from depression or other emotional distress. When you begin to offer this help, you should proceed slowly and gently; do not expect immediate results or an overnight cure. You can show that you care by offering support and guidance without judgement or expectation—but if your loved one refuses it at first, allow him/her extra time to heal on his own terms before trying again later on down the road. Accepting yourself means being able maintain a positive attitude despite setbacks; being kind and forgiving towards others no matter what they’ve done wrong (even if those acts were committed against us); letting go of anger so we can move forward instead living in resentment for past events over which there’s nothing we could change now anyway…

May he/she be open to our love and respect, feeling worthy to receive them.

I have a prayer for you. It’s not a lullaby, and it won’t make you sleep better or feel more loved or respected. This is a prayer for someone who isn’t in your life anymore—someone who has passed away and whose memory haunts you.

This prayer is an invitation to open yourself up to receiving love and respect from the people around you. You need to feel worthy of receiving those gifts because sometimes, we don’t give them unless the other person sees themselves as worthy of our love and respect too.

In Jesus name, Amen

Dear God,

Please watch over my friend. Please help him/her to get well soon. Please comfort him/her with Your loving presence when they are alone, and give them peace of mind at night as they sleep and rest in You. Please guide his/her doctors and nurses so that they can do their best for this person who suffers from illness. If it is time for this person to go home with You, please bring them peace in their final moments on earth; give them courage to face death; let them know that someone loves them very much even though he/she may not be able to express it at the moment.

And if this friend’s life has ended here on earth prematurely, even after being loved by many people all along—if he/she was a child who died too young… or an elderly man or woman who lived long enough but still passed away before his or her time… or anyone else whom we have lost through death… Oh God! We ask You to comfort all those who grieve over having lost him/her so soon—and all those who must carry on without him/her now in this life!

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