A Prayer For A Lost Friend

A Prayer For A Lost Friend: When a friend loses someone close to them, we often don’t know what to do. We have no idea how to assist them or what they require. Although we wish to support them, we are unsure of how to do so successfully. In high school, when I lost my best buddy, I had a sense of loss. I didn’t know how to deal with my loss, so I just carried on with my daily activities while attempting to avoid thinking about it too much. But as time went on, that became impossible, and I was left alone.

More than 20 years have passed since that time, but I vividly recall how challenging it was to locate a space where I could express my grief in privacy and without feeling rushed or judged by those who might not fully get what I was going through. There were times when it seemed like nobody cared at all, and other times when everyone was trying so hard but still failing.

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I think about this whenever someone asks me for advice on how we can help someone who needs us as friends during their time of grief—especially when that person is someone we care about deeply ourselves. How can we best support them? How should we approach each situation differently based on their needs?

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Heavenly Father,

It might appear to be a dismal circumstance. The individual in need is a long way off, and God is your only hope. He is the only one who can support you through this trying moment since he understands what you are going through. Ask him in prayer for strength and comfort as you go through this trying period. Ask Him for direction on the best way to assist a friend or member of your family who is in need. Recognize that God will never leave us or forsake us; even when we feel as though He is not listening to our prayers, He always hears them and responds to them in accordance with His perfect plan for our lives in His own manner and at His own time (Hebrews 13:5).

I bow before You today on behalf of my friend who has just lost a loved one.

I bow before You today on behalf of my friend who has just lost a loved one.

Healing is Your gift, and we pray that You will heal this heart in need of comfort. Strengthen this soul that needs strength. Give him courage to go on with life and to take each step with faith in You.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever! Amen

I ask that You would be near to them in their time of loss and disappointment.

Dear Father, I ask that You would be near to them in their time of loss and disappointment.

I ask that You would help them to find comfort in enjoying the simple things of life and taking care of themselves.

I pray for them, dear Lord, because they are hurting and need Your healing touch.

Please fill their hearts with your love and strength so that they may have hope for tomorrow’s new beginning.

Comfort and console them, I pray, and wipe away their tears, as they take each day at a time and strive to come to terms with their grief and loss.

As you know, it is always a difficult time when someone we love passes on to their final resting place. The pain and grief can be overwhelming at times, but through prayer we can find comfort and strength.

I pray that you will recognize the importance of praying for your friend during this difficult time. Prayer is such a source of comfort and strength, especially when dealing with grief or loss.

Let me encourage you to share the gospel with your friend as well. Many times people are like sheep without a shepherd when they lose someone close to them—it may not be easy for them to open up about their feelings or thoughts because they don’t want others judging them based on what they say or do during this emotional time period; however, by talking about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf, we can bring hope into their lives during this difficult time period in which they’re grieving over losing their loved one

Give them strength for each new morning as they face the day ahead, knowing that places that were once filled with laughter are now silent and still.

Give them strength for each new morning as they face the day ahead, knowing that places that were once filled with laughter are now silent and still.

Give them hope in the dark of night when they wake suddenly, gasping at a nightmare of loss that seems too real to be only a dream.

Let them know that you are there with them—in their hearts and minds—each time they feel alone or afraid or sad. And if you see fit to comfort them in this way during these difficult days, then let it also be your will (though never forgetting your mercy) to bring about some measure of peace for their weary souls.

Fill the aching void in their heart and help them to focus on the awesome memories of days gone by, while they look forward to the time when they shall see their loved one again.

It is a difficult thing to lose a friend or loved one. Our hearts ache, and we are left with a void that can never truly be filled by another person. As time passes, we will eventually find ourselves looking back on the memories of days gone by, while hopefully also looking forward to seeing our loved one again.

The loss of someone close makes us feel as though our own life has lost some of its meaning and purpose; it may even lead us to question whether there is any reason at all for us to continue living on this earth if there is nothing left worth living for anymore in our lives. When you find yourself in this place, I encourage you not only not give up hope but also take action: reach out for help from friends who might understand what your loss means because they have experienced it themselves, seek counseling from someone who specializes in grief counseling if necessary (and keep trying until you find someone), join an online community where people share similar experiences (such as the Compassionate Friends support group), pray regularly about how best to cope with your loss given whatever circumstances led up until now (for example, asking God how best He sees fit for me move forward after losing Jack). Above all else though: remember that despite everything else going wrong right now there’s still so much good!

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

In the name of Jesus, I pray that you will have peace, comfort and strength in this time of loss.

Jesus is our only hope of knowing who God is and what he has done for us through his death and resurrection. Without knowing this truth we would be lost eternally without hope.

As we walk with you through this journey of grief may we find hope in what Jesus did for us on the cross that day nearly 2,000 years ago so that one day all will see him face to face and live together with him forever in heaven!

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